Collaging doodles N°5

"Let's sit in the sun"
Over crowded terraces in the city, when the Sun shines...like it was looong time ago...


Bag silkscreen

I am working again for SeaSkin, bio cosmetics based on mediterranean ingredients, and I am happy about it!
And at last I had to transform the bits design into vectors, so the result changed a bit:


Living places

And here are some of the different backgroud coulises  that I have being doing for this project.. I am enjoying it a lot! did I already say?


Fox Family

and yes, this theatre piece which will be played by the school children, is about Foxes.
"Der Fuchs in der Stadt", so, " The fox in the City".
Foxes drawn by the children. Each one drew one.

More foxes! they are great, aren't they?

One of the first activities of the project, while learning about foxes and natural environment, and visiting Nature Schools, was to draw a fox. We did it step by step, I  drew a a big fox in the blackboard,  same time as the children. I was so happy seeing the result, all so great and individual. I love the all!

Happy Fox Family. I drew this one.



 If I am a bit out of blogger these days is because I am organizing with the team of "allourmemories" a theatre piece in a primary school.It should be quite ready this week and we have a looot of work still! I will try to post more finished things as they will appear. It is very amazing how the children are getting involved by developing this project!


Little Faces VI

And this one is the other portrait of Carmen's two nephews.
I did these drawings from two photos among a few that Carmen sent me. I loved this one too much, and with such cute models was easy to get inspired!


Little Faces V

Nearly one year ago, Carmen wanted to do a present for her nephews and I painted two portraits of them. Here is the one.




-And might be a Scottish one.
"I think we have the same father"
8 x 6" (21 x 14.8cm)

pd- If you want to know more of this crazy people, go here.


Some impressions of the Long Night...

Poster in our window. Steffi and the lights

Homemade Zucchini Bread & Blackberry´s Cake.  Little Mara,  Felix and the Ukelele.

People through the big Bee, more people, Alisa and Jérôme: duo Ukelele-Guitar.
It was great, thank so much you all for coming and enjoying the evening!
Special thanks to Martin and Jérôme, you both brought the soul to the party with your improvised life music!


"Lange Nacht der Bilder"

 This Saturday, 14 September.
We are on the Tour XI - Wrangler Kiez, Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg.
In our atelier "NIK" we present "ANIMALES", will have open doors, starting at 18.00,
Programm of the event HIER.



"Es ist unmöglich, und mein innerstes Leben empört sich , wenn ich denken will, als verlören wir uns.
Ich würde Jahrtausende lang die Sterne durchwandern, in alle Formen mich kleiden, in alle Sprachen des Lebens, um dir Einmal wieder begegnen.
Aber ich denke, was sich gleich ist, findet sich bald."
"No es posible, y mi ser interno se rebela, si me intento imaginar que  tú  y yo nos perdiéramos.
 Yo vagaré, si es preciso, millares de años de un astro a otro, tomaré todas las formas, todos los lenguajes de la vida, sólo por verte de nuevo. Pero se me ocurre que todo lo que se asemeja acaba siempre por reunirse."

F. Hölderlin 

I did not find an english version, but may be can you imagine it :)



Open air Gallery, Oberbaumbrücke.

Tomorrow the 7th July, in Oberbaumbrücke, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.
not again.. it is now the first time. You might remember that I posted something similar about a month ago..  BUT, it couldn't take place because of the horrible weather conditions!! so, here we go again, with even more material! :)


Rosa Tropical

podría ser mi ciudad, aunque no es el caso.

Tropical rose, could be my city, but is not the case.


Shawl design

I was doodling a lot, thinking on which elements were the most necessary to appear and express the essence of this spanish brand that produces creams and beauty cosmetics, working with organic ingredients from mediterranean origin and taking care of the nature.

The Sea, specifically mediterranean sea, its colors and light, its vegetation and shellfish life... I wanted to involve all this in one. But the first results after the scheme were too confusing with these many element, so at last, I believed the "less is more"that anyone knows, and I kept into one same motif, from each corner, confluencying at the center.
You can see them at the top of this post.
When it is printed and I have a photo, I will show you!


Open Air Gallery in Oberbaumbrücke

This Sunday the 2th Juni, Kreuzberg, Berlin.
I will be there the whole day, with lots of drawings and watercolours from Berlin, Asturias, botanical motifs and other subjects. I am still working a lot choosing them and fitting them in frames or, and passepartous.. But it is worthing! So come by if you are in Berlin!
more here!
Event in Fbook here.


Like soap bubbles

Also for the contest here below.
Which one you like the most?

This one a bit more painterly and.. well, the thing is, it had to be vertical and I forgot! :S


Label #1

For 2pompitas. They are ready!
And I am very glad to work with this beautiful and delicate children clothing brand!

I have recently became the feedback from 2pompitas,  with this sweet Photo of the result! I am loving it!


Another double page from the story that I have already finished.
Now it's about to find and editor.. or do it myself! :)
If you have any idea or suggestion, please drop me here a line!