Kind of Mussels.

 try it! do you guess on what am I working now?  something totally different and out of my habitude... and it is really being a challenge, I will tell you more in the upcoming days :)


This Sunday, 1st June: Oberbaumbrücke

This year again, I am having a stand in this Open Air Gallery, at the bridge between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.
Hopefully is the weather nice!
Come if you are in Berlin, I am very glad of numerous and joyful visitors!


I want to go home!

China ink.
Size A5 (15 x 21 cm, 6" x 8")
I am sitting here in my working place, it is dark outside, it is already late!
But I can not leave! (well, I am leaving right now!) because I can not stop.
Sometimes I don't know how to stop doodling and drawing... like a madness, drawing more and more and more!
here the last drawing for you, two primitive dancers! Gute Naaacht! ;) I am leaving now, yes!



Collaging doodles N°10

Say it! I know it: you have been missing my "faces" world!
But no problem, I am always doodling faces for you! Here one more.



In fact, I started some time ago a "geometrical" or more abstract Series, based on forms and color combinations. Somehow related to movement and music, and somehow inspired in old classic masters too.
Tea, watercolor and pencil.
A4 Size ( 21 x 29.7cm2 - 8 x 11.5")
(You can buy the PRINT of this drawing here)

Don't think I am an inconsistent that already have abandoned this project! slowly I am keeping working on it.
Here one more. A bit vintage maybe :)


Instant of my Easter Trip.

Berlin - Usedom (Baltic sea) cycling.
Me made around 70km per day.
adding some color digitally.
And now, guess, who is me in the picture??  indeed!
yeah!!! I was kind of.. not the first at all! Not that bad neither, but really few times I left my bottom position! :) I just wanted to control my sheep's flock.
So, there were we: Joachim, Phillip, Sylvia, Sandra and Cati, at the queue, surviving :P
drawing over the sketch with china ink.

first pencil sketch
Landscape was really beautiful! And is a nice experience to feel the changing between places at a real speed of cycling.. but we were ridding quite quickly and nearly the whole day so I couldn't stop drawing as much as I would have liked.

Though I bring you a couple of LIFE SKETCHES that I did at arriving to some spot  in our way. Visit my OTHER BLOG HERE.

Three intensive ridding days, two days in Usedom, Baltic Sea, where we attend the "Easter Fire" at the beach and this crazy bunch of people even swam in the frozen water!

PS- You may notice that the men of our trip were more responsible than the girls, who didn't wear helmets!