Doodling with the Kids

Last school-year I was supervising the kids at the early shift, just before classes started. The poor things came with their big rucksacks and seated down without taking off the coats, in a stadium between sleeping and awaking... and one of the most favourite activity was telling me to draw things. And I drew them all, and I guess for them was like watching tv.. sort of :o) Here some of the many many sheets of doodles.. you can imagine what they wanted me to draw.


Architecture guide

for "Villaseca de Laciana", a village in a valley, in the Mountains of  Castilla y León, Spain.
Time ago I illustrated the covers for two biographic books, the two brothers who developed the milk industry also in this region. And it is for the same client that I have now illustrated this architecture catalogue of the urban-architectural history in this village.