in the romantic- platonic lecture...

They love each other but the space between is insurmountable..

hey! don't dream to much! I am working on the non-romantic version too :P



She didn't thought that the girl she had the confidence with, was like the newspaper, in this little village.
Be careful next time!


Dietrich Fischer-Diskau

My Homage,
to this great berliner Singer, who left us on Friday,  18 May.
I tried to draw this portrait from a b&w Photo..
Many vinyls I have been collecting from his Lieder, specially those from Schubert  with Gerald Moore playing piano.. His voice accompanied me while I worked in the University projects, closed at home, and turned this lonely times beautiful. So thank you for your great art and inspiration!

I leave you two Lieder from Schumann und Schubert.