Caretos N.4-2015

"Spanische Freunden"
They are not so still and not so well organized. But the air around is warm. And they enjoy.


Caretos N.3-2015

"sagst du was!"
In purple mood.  Three friends, one talk, two listen..or looking as they do listen..
And many more Caretos coming, just wait until I have the time to post them here around..  :)


Caretos N.2-2015

"Alle leise"
Dear visitors, I feel bad being out of this blog for soooo long time.. It was a hard work to figure out my new life in Frakfurt, and this process went -still going- slowly: taking my goals and routine again.. but it does not mean, I was not drawing.. I did draw, but not in my atelier in Kreuzberg with my loved people around... I miss them! And here a bit more Caretos...