Illustrations for VOSS flavored water

Near a year ago I started working for the SPRING Design Partners on the Illustrations for the bottles of the new flavored sparkling water by VOSS.
Here are the sketches and their developing after the feedbacks. Have a look at the VOSS page! the bottles look amazing!

Label for IMBUE - American Vermouth

A couple of months ago I started a comissioned work for IMBUE Cellars based in Oregon (USA).
They wanted two labels for the dry and the sweet Vermouth bottles. This was a very special project and I enjoyed it a lot as they wanted absolutly the whole label, front and back, illustration and text, hand drawing & hand writting... as a hand-crafted product that they offer.
So here is my work, made full of love too!  ;)
Do you recognize the plants in the drawings? there is Chamomile, Juniper, Vanilla, Wormwood, Oranges, Grapes leaves...fully fresh and aromatic! I am looking forward to taste it too, now that Summer is coming!!

And here some previous sketches while developing the design: