Petit Jeu Rosé N.2

Nov. 2015
"Petit Jeu rosé N.2"
Watercolour & China Ink
Size 8" x 11" (21 x 29,7cm)

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Petit Jeu rosé N.1

Nov. 2015
"Petit Jeu rosé N.1"
Watercolour & China Ink
Size 8" x 11" (21 x 29,7cm)

It is a long time since last time I posted here a "Petit Jeu", that does not mean I have stopped playing with my forms, lines and colours. I did't stop at all and I have lots of them which I will drop here slowly :)
To see all the "Petits Jeux"serie that I have posted at this moment on the blog, you can click /HERE/


Doodling with the Kids

Last school-year I was supervising the kids at the early shift, just before classes started. The poor things came with their big rucksacks and seated down without taking off the coats, in a stadium between sleeping and awaking... and one of the most favourite activity was telling me to draw things. And I drew them all, and I guess for them was like watching tv.. sort of :o) Here some of the many many sheets of doodles.. you can imagine what they wanted me to draw.


Architecture guide

for "Villaseca de Laciana", a village in a valley, in the Mountains of  Castilla y León, Spain.
Time ago I illustrated the covers for two biographic books, the two brothers who developed the milk industry also in this region. And it is for the same client that I have now illustrated this architecture catalogue of the urban-architectural history in this village.


Caretos N.4-2015

"Spanische Freunden"
They are not so still and not so well organized. But the air around is warm. And they enjoy.


Caretos N.3-2015

"sagst du was!"
In purple mood.  Three friends, one talk, two listen..or looking as they do listen..
And many more Caretos coming, just wait until I have the time to post them here around..  :)


Caretos N.2-2015

"Alle leise"
Dear visitors, I feel bad being out of this blog for soooo long time.. It was a hard work to figure out my new life in Frakfurt, and this process went -still going- slowly: taking my goals and routine again.. but it does not mean, I was not drawing.. I did draw, but not in my atelier in Kreuzberg with my loved people around... I miss them! And here a bit more Caretos...


Caretos N.1-2015

I decided to start the year with some more "Caretos".
Caretos N.1-2015
Watercolor on paper
Size 8" x 11.5" (21 x 29.7cm)
I have been moving from Berlin to Frankfurt. And from Frankfurt to Berlin to take the plane to Spain. And the way back. Asturias, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt. And I am fed up from  packing and sorting all the things in my working place, all the things at home. All the souvenirs from my so intensive long time in Berlin. Saying good bye to friends, and starting all new now... So I am messy. So lets draw Caretos to cure and make my brain healthier :P ( is just a pretext, I love drawing them, without need of arguments :)