Impossibility, bocetos

Any song of Billie Holiday could be played in this teenager room... Oh! no! she must be listening at his voice ( I think he is a singer..)
Impossibility, what a time of teenagers life!

(dedicated to abh, hope will see it :-P)

"all of me,
why not take all of me,
can't you see,
I'm not good without you..

Mmmm I am still looking for The Style, my own style, there where I feel light and satisfied!
It came quick the idea of what I wanted to draw for illustrate this topic..but not the style! I still can't find the way for illustrate it as I would like...
Lets keep working!



This time I didn't think too much... I just took my dear and tiny talisman and take a carefull portrait of him... oh ! such a nice greek owl!