In Progress

and out blogger!
Dear people, if these and the coming days I am out, it is not because I am making Holidays (pity!) but because I am very busy and working a lot in many projects, among my Portfolio for  the Bologna Illustration Fire this next week!!! It is my first time there and I am already quite excited!

This is just a page from the book where i am now working..


Fairy Bug N°13

And the last one of this group at the moment.
Because I like 13.

I have been opening also an special blog dedicated in exclusivity to these Bugs. There you can by a print of the desired size.
"My Fairy Bug"


"Unter den Linien X"

New post in our blog Unter den Linien !
They met yesterday in the train, but maybe never again..

Facebook S-BahnS7 

Datum:27.12.2012 00:00
Verfasst am:27.12.2012 07:45

"Du bist heute morgen am HBF ausgestiegen und hast mir deine Seite auf Facebook genannt! Ich finde sie blöderweise nicht! Ich bin mir auch gar nicht mehr sicher ob ich es nicht doch falsch verstanden habe...

Du hattest ein süssen Hund bei. Ich hatte einen dunkelblauen Parka an."



oh! yes, he was such a talented pianist..
he moves the spectators mood so deep..
He performs Chopin with such a taste, that no one in the Auditorium can stop weeping..
May be you feel moved too, if you hear here or here.