A True Story

Bis bald, Berlin!
Bonjour tristesse!
no.. It is not me who is moving..
And sorry, the comic is in spanish.. but it is a real story... about..
...  yes, again good friends moving out Berlin. Back to Spain. They were missing the sun and maybe the fresh fish, or just the family...or just it is time for a change. Again..
But I don't like this feeling, staying so far and good friends moving back! :(

So I drew quite quickly this VERY SHORT SYNOPSIS of these FOUR YEARS of the life that I have been sharing by the side of these good friends, first Martín, who came one year after me to Berlin, and Silvia, one more year later. We have met all here, in Berlin.

It is curious how Life chooses our ways to go on further. Sometimes unexpected...

We will miss a lot the good mood of Martín, and his jokes that always make us laugh in not matter how dramatic situation!


Pop Up TIKI Illustrations

For a Tiki Cocktail book. In the next post  I will show you the dummy that Julia Fröhlich has done so carefully and beautiful.

It was a nice project but the organization and deadlines nearly brought me crazy!

The first sketch


Greeting Cards

Catilustre for SENDMOMENTS.
I started working with this Agency which make customizable cards for greeting, birthdays, weddings, etc.
And I am really looking forward to have the first paper samples on my hands! These are some of the illustrations and lettering I did for them. I hope you like them! So if you want to personalize your Event, go there and have a look at all their beautiful options!


Easter Rabbits & Easter Eggs Cards

Happy Easter to you all!! ( a bit too early)
Do you want a personalized Easter Greeting Card made by me?
or would you like one of these ones, or a bunch of them?
Just write me to: email@catilustre.com. I will be glad to hear from you! :)

And if you want to see all the available Illustrations, Paintings and Prints of me, please visit my Etsy Shop: