Late summer burst

It is not a bunch of grapes, no more.
It is not a delicate pineapple, which likes cold.
But a lemonade colored flower, like a paper lamp,
growing up along the path.

You guess what is it? It is hop! berliner hop.
It is bursting right now, decorating the green walls, and announcing berliner beer.


Little Faces IV

A portrait from my cute nephew.
You can also command me a portrait from any person you wish.
I just need at least two photos and I will try to do my best.
Send me an email for more info: catalina.somolinos (net) gmail.com 



Burst out of panic, when I realized I was stolen!

How can this kind of people do that? how awful is it.



from Lange Nacht der Illustration, last Friday, in our Atelier. 
Dan (link) and I (Catalina) were hunging lots of nice drawings in the walls and lots of nice people came to visit us in the Lübbenerstrasse!
It was great! Thank you all for comming!!

Especial thanks to help us with the logistic and decoration to Oksana and Sanela (who made delicious salty cakes) You are the best friends!! ***