Collaging doodles N°5

"Let's sit in the sun"
Over crowded terraces in the city, when the Sun shines...like it was looong time ago...


Bag silkscreen

I am working again for SeaSkin, bio cosmetics based on mediterranean ingredients, and I am happy about it!
And at last I had to transform the bits design into vectors, so the result changed a bit:


Living places

And here are some of the different backgroud coulises  that I have being doing for this project.. I am enjoying it a lot! did I already say?


Fox Family

and yes, this theatre piece which will be played by the school children, is about Foxes.
"Der Fuchs in der Stadt", so, " The fox in the City".
Foxes drawn by the children. Each one drew one.

More foxes! they are great, aren't they?

One of the first activities of the project, while learning about foxes and natural environment, and visiting Nature Schools, was to draw a fox. We did it step by step, I  drew a a big fox in the blackboard,  same time as the children. I was so happy seeing the result, all so great and individual. I love the all!

Happy Fox Family. I drew this one.