IF: Subtract

These are the subtract sibbilings:
Pauline loves the "subtract essence" of eating sea food.
Paul loves subtract-breakfast, passing the cereals into the chocoshake and the chocoshake into the cereals!

bocetos Subtract


Semana Santa

Siguiendo con temas de historia, tradición y religión... aquí algunos bocetos y carteles para la Semana Santa...
Muy orgullosa no estoy, creo que uno es demasiado comiquero, y el otro demasiado solemne y mortuorio... Pero toda crítica sea para mejorar y exprimir las neuronas :-D

Following the down entry, lets show still something talking about History, Tradition, Religion. Those are some sketches and final Poster for the Easter (Semana Santa) .... I must say I am not too proud of them: I think one is too "cartoonish" and the other way round, for the other: too "deadlish" and dark... Anyway, all serve for better thinking and the own improvement :-D


IF: Legendary

I illustrated (without much time ;-) this decisive and legendary moment for our Occident History, may be for the whole world History... ¿?


Intricate 3

But finally, I didn't want to do any metaphysic interpretation of the topic, it is enough "interpretation" the own life each day!So here, I chose the intricate moment of the elephant life if he ever wish to brush consciously his teeth! :-) Hope you'll like it! And let you happy!

Intricate 2

Then it came to me one of that moments where you have to chose with that mess on your mind and the best solution is so intricate that you will never guess!

Intricate 1

First, I thought on a diary of a shy little girl which thinks she has lots of intricate problems and she just communicate them to her papers...


IF: Breezy ...

I see Illustration Friday like a great world platform to show your work at same time as you see others work, and learn and get inspired with.
For me, it is the way and occasion to develope and search the technique and method I feel better.
So, this time I came back to gouache and "collage," in love with the illustrations of Jusqu’aux yeux and Subversive Tails. As the “flyer dragon” of Caroline

BREEZY, this sounds me something Pink, light and dream...
Freedom, like childhood could be, like fairytales... like spring and summer and lavender air.