7 things

I've been award by sweet Caroline to make my list of 7 things i like.... I've been thinking about that during these days..and I am certain I forgot half of my lovest things, but here they are, trying to answer such a nice award!

-Freedom! and air.

-To meet nice and kind people where you can trust on: that is always a present in our life ways.

-Catch the kids when they try to do "bad" things ...that really makes me laugh, the innocent start of the malice :-) I also love to make them laugh ...the sweetest thing.

-I love travelling, and I like exotic things of different cultures.

-Music, for listening and participate in... an absolutely necessary thing for living.

-This time of the year, after a long dream seems as the world starts to wake up, flowers growing, birds singing...ah! Spring is arriving!

-And the last one, which is illustrated by the whole picture: DRAWING!

Thank you Caroline, now I'm going to follow this award to:

-La ventana ilustrada

-Ice team monster toon cafe


-Sonia Esplugues

-Indigene art

-Officina mezzaluna

-Subversive tails

I know I didn't present this as beautiful as Caroline did it! ;-) but it is the idea!

4 comentarios:

Caroline dijo...

A well deserved award Cati! I love your list and your collection of drawings. I especially like the little sketch of the shoes! Have a great week!

Unknown dijo...

Congratulation of the Award. And thank you very much for giving me one as well!! ^_^

Anónimo dijo...

thank you very much, of this award,
hi :)

Anónimo dijo...

Cati, thank you for such a lovely award! It was great finding out more about the things you like as well. Now, I'll have to get busy thinking of things I like! :) Hugs!