Book Cover Illustration for Juan Alvarado

At last they are ready!
The illustrations for these interesting biographies of the two brothers, Juan and Ventura Alvarado.
They joined the Free Learning Institution (Institución de Enseñanza libre) which arrived to Spain under the doctrine of Krausism.
But their biggest achievements were in the dairy process in Villablino, a village between León and Asturias. Here started a big development in milk products and machinery which improved the cheese and butter industry across Spain.

The author, Víctor del Reguero, didn´t want they to stay in the obscurity. He and the "Club Xeitu" launched this initiative to publish the book for both biographies.
He entrusted me to do the cover's Illustrations so I learnt more about them and the milk manufacture.

Juan Alvarado by cream processing.
Final Illustration

Juan Alvarado
Progress Illustrations and previous sketches
They didn't work because he seems not to be working, but waiting for a photo :D

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