to any illness, sadness, madness, stresssss
is the Sea. At least for me!

and I am looking forward to holidays in spanish nord-coast.

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Rita Balixa dijo...

Que bonita ilustração ^^

E que belo remédio, concordo contigo!

Unknown dijo...

I love it... especially all of the little fish!

Pascal Kirchmair dijo...

Very good drawing! I´m a fan of the sea, too.

dosankodebbie dijo...

So sweet. Everyone is having so much fun! Even the fish!

gma dijo...

Un placer nadar en el cantábrico eh?

Catilustre dijo...

Obrigada Rita :)
thank you Sarah, Pascal, doasnkodebbie, yes little fish have also fun :)
Si Adriana..qué ganas de saltar las olas cantábricas! jeje

Anónimo dijo...

SO beautiful! And so true! :D

justdoodleit dijo...

Agree...the ocean dissolves everything...it is the best stress buster.