Rave can

The first proposal liked pretty good because it was "different"..  it is handmade and nowadays not many Packaging or design stuff is drawed by Hand.  So difference is sometimes too risky - I am optimistic.

But for a Rave party in Tempelhof was a too hippie, strand-party stylished and not so much techno.
In this over din't work the two symboles together.. uups! mistake!
Then I change once, and twice, and no chance, tought 5 stars this time .. 
( I am not doing any more Concours anyway, have so much to do)

2 comentarios:

Anisakis dijo...

Jolines están geniales!! a ver si ganas de una vez!!

Catilustre dijo...

de momento no hago más Martín, que estoy muy ocupada con otros temas! :) pero gracias por los ánimos! jeje